Hand Milked

Hand made goats milk soap

Hand Milked

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Maudie's Story


Heather Maud and Carrie Maud of Greenlands Farm are creating a new kind of web store. A place that strives to deliver you handmade farm products made with pure and simple ingredients, ingredients that reflect times gone by, back when things were produced and grown with the purity of nature and by hands rough from the use of tools. Maudie's Farm Mart is a mother daughter venture, carrying on family traditions of the farm lifestyle. 

Buying Maudie's products means reinvesting in the principles of a day when a company’s quality of product and way of doing business told “who” the Owners were.  It was a day when business people took pride in what they did and how they did it.  It was a day when many companies knew their customers on a first name basis.  These, along with our immigrant heritage, are but a few reasons why we at Maudie's Farm Mart. would never sacrifice our principles. 

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