Hand drawn labels, pure and simple ingredients, and made on a farm…products made with care and thought that are good for your body and home.

Dearie Douse - Daily Face Soap
Dearie Douse - Shampoo Bar
Keen Cream: Anise Jasmine, Body Lotion
Keen Cream: Close Mint, Body Lotion
Keen Cream: Lavender Rosemary, Body Lotion
Keen Cream: Rose Geranium, Body Lotion
Keen Cream: Unscented, Body Lotion
Little Darling: Gentle Buttermilk Soap, Bubblegum
Little Darling: Gentle Buttermilk Soap, Baby Poweder
Lovely Dame: Handcrafted Natural Deodorant
Mr. Whiff's Remedies: Buttermilk Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap, for sensitive skin, rashes & poison ivy
Mr. Whiff's Remedies: Olive Oil Goat's Milk Soap, moisturize, repair, and renew skin
Nifty Whiffs: Clove Mint Soy Candle
Nifty Whiffs: Lavender Rosemary Soy Candle