Heather Maud and Carrie Maud of Greenlands Farm are creating a new kind of web store. A place that strives to deliver you handmade farm products made with pure and simple ingredients, ingredients that reflect times gone by, back when things were produced and grown with the purity of nature and by hands rough from the use of tools. Maudie's Farm Mart is a mother daughter venture, carrying on family traditions of the farm lifestyle. 

Along with this handmade quality, your products are delivered to your doorstep in a package that is packed by hand, with care.  Every time you get a box from Maudie’s Farm Mart, you’ll feel like you’re opening a present…for yourself.  Open your door to the convenience of farm to home shopping, there’s something special waiting for you on your doorstep!

Many of your products are grown, produced, made, and packaged on a small sustainable homestead farm owned and operated by a three generational family that lives and works on the farm.  Homesteading has been a lifestyle choice for the Burkerts since the early 80’s and their youngest daughter followed to join them develop a farm culture for the community with her family in 2011.  Sustainability, education, and wanting to share their bounty is how Maudie’s Farm Mart was started!

Don’t believe us??? Want to come see for yourself?  A warm welcome awaits you when you visit Greenlands Farm’s Farm Store!  Come enjoy your farm goods on the farm and spend a day with us, we would love to meet you.  If you really want to know how things work, set up a group tour with a bunch of friends and family.  If you come on a Saturday, most likely our rescue animal sanctuary will be open for you to meet and greet some of our farm animals. 

Who is Maudie?  Maudie has always been an endearing family nickname for both Heather and (Carrie) Maud.  Maud's father distinguishes her from her mother by calling her "Muddie".  Heather and Maud carry on the traditions of Heather's Grandmother and Maud's Great Grandmother, Dora Maud Malott (1878-1954). 

Maudie’s Farm Mart baked goods let the ingredients tell the story…the story of freshness, health, and history. We only use quality ingredients including non-GMO flours, oils, butters, and sugars. Our flour is organic and you can tell the difference. Not only are organic flours healthier for our bodies, but they are healthier for our environment. We believe our baked goods taste better because we also use pasture raised chicken eggs from our chickens on the farm. A happy chicken makes a great tasting egg, producing a beautiful orange yolk that you don’t see in store bought eggs. Little known fact…you can’t have a pasture raised vegetarian chicken: they LOVE bugs! Also, chickens are one of the closest living relatives to a T-Rex. Back on the subject: lastly, do not use artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or hydrogenated fats in any of the products we bake. When you buy from Maudie’s Farm Mart, you are buying small batch baked goods made by hand with pure and simple ingredients.

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle or you are GLUTEN FREE, then our Gluten & Grain Free Bakery products might be a great place to start. Just like our traditional baked goods, our Gluten & Grain Free Bakery uses non-GMO ingredients, farm fresh pasture raised chicken eggs (we collect them by hand, true paleo techniques are used in your paleo food!), and no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or hydrogenated fats. These baked goods are made with real, whole unprocessed ingredients and are nutrient-dense and nourishing to give you an optimal healthy choice for your daily diet.

Our products are made in a NON allergy free facility that uses peanuts, milk products, soy, wheat and other foods that may be an allergen.

These goods are made and packaged on a small family owned and operated sustainable farm.  We have always farmed sustainably and take care in how we treat our earth and the food we harvest from it.  All our preserved and pickled farm goods are made in season with non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free, hand-picked and harvested farm vegetables and fruits.  Each jar is hand packed with care and inspected for quality and deliciousness.  We pack that in there too!  Taste the difference of homemade and farm made.  There’s flavor in every jar!

Tip your cup with a great cup of tea!

The Tipping Cup offers a large selection of premium quality organic tea, ranging from black, green and flavored teas, to Fair Trade Certified and specially formulated organic herbal tea blends. We know you will enjoy our all natural and chemical free organic teas.

Loose tea and organic teas have been enjoyed socially since around 3000 BC and have been a part of our family tradition, passed on from generation to generation.  The Tipping Cup's fine teas are high grade teas made of whole, large leaves. The taste, delicate aroma, and physical feel of the leaves are fresh and the quality of our teas are obvious in the shape, size and, color of the leaves.

Our organic tea come from growers all over the world who adhere to strict quality control standards. Our fair trade and organic tea suppliers must follow a certified organic production system which relies on ecologically based practices which excludes the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.  We also have tea plants that we harvest from on our farm and make tea.  We offer a tea class once a year to come pick with us, make the tea, and take some home. 

In addition to the wonderfully soothing flavors of loose tea, our organic teas make a good source of vitamin C. It has also been shown that organic loose teas offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Relax, kick your feet up, and tip your cup to health, happiness, and joy and remember there’s always time for tea. 

Whiff Whims creates handmade scented products made on a family owned sustainable homestead farm. Our unique product line is based on the pure and simple lifestyle of the 1930’s, when proven values, pure ingredients, and hard work went uncompromised.  Even our hand drawn labels, with their dated language, exact our commitment to providing the better products of yesteryear, today. You may ask: “Why in the world did you choose this theme and go through the trouble of hand drawing labels?” In 2006, our family business of Landscape Architecture suffered from the downward turn of the economy.  Mom, Dad, and Daughter are Landscape Architects…nothing like putting all your eggs in one basket!  With no work and a big farm to run, family to feed, animals to feed, we reinvented ourselves and started up Whiff Whims.  We used what we had around us…milk.  Lots of goat’s milk.  We made goat’s milk soap from our farm’s milk and sold eggs in the front of our firm reception area.  With a great reception from the community, in 2009, we decided to continue in that direction and open a portion of the farm to share with the community and slowly converted our firm into a farm store.  Our Landscape Architecture firm is now in the library loft of the farm store and we still continue to practice, work the farm, and create natural and organic products from our farm.

We describe Whiff Whims products as pure and simple for one good reason; they are “frankly pure and simple”.  World class essential oils, authentic Dead Sea salts, and natural and organic ingredients make our products special for the body and pleasing to the soul.  Even your pets can strut to a better life!

Buying Whiff Whims products means reinvesting in the principles of a day when a company’s quality of product and way of doing business told “who” the owners were.  It was a day when business people took pride in what they did and how they did it.  It was a day when many companies knew their customers on a first name basis.  These, along with our immigrant heritage, are but a few reasons why we at Whiff Whims would never sacrifice our principles for the likes of speed production, cheap imitations, empty promises or substandard materials.  When you buy from us, you are supporting our family, small business, and the environment we all live in.

Animals are many times our best companions through life and we have special products we've created just for them! Our no filler treats are baked fresh with all natural and organic ingredients just for them and we are positive they will result in happy tails, knickers, and purrs! Don’t throw them a bone or a flake of hay, throw them a treat from Woof & Hoof Bakery, they’ll thank you AFTER they wolf it down. Got a dirty rag-a-muffin on your hands?! Wash them with our special line of goat's milk soaps! We love our animals and we love that you love yours.

Let your special friend know their treat went to support other furry friends as your purchase supports H.O.O.F rescue farm animals and their sanctuary. Helping your friend have a great day helps other friends across the way!